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I don’t know why I’m writing this. 
Maybe because it’s been on my mind a lot here recently.

I have my fiance, his daughter (age 2), and our son (almost 4 mo. old).
June 5th: I was spotting. That never happens. Weird.
June 6th: Woke up in pain and it only got worse as the day went on. No amount of tylenol would help. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME???!!  My fiance went to work that evening and I decided that it was time to go to the ER. After several test and exams… I was having a miscarriage. I thought to myself a miscarriage? What? What do you mean?

I didn’t think about the depth of it for days. I had lost a baby I didn’t even know I had. I was not ready for this. I wasn’t ready to have another baby, but it was taken from me. It was the second most painful things I’ve ever felt. The pain was matched by the kick in the jaw of losing a precious life.

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" it’s just a joke, relax! "

" you’re all overreacting! "

this is someone’s fucking daughter.

if you think anything about this is ok because it’s ” just a joke ” you’re a seriously disgusting individual. 

twitter normalizing pedophilia 

Im gonna fucking throw up

thats a child….. she literally look 5

This is the most disgusting thing i seen in a while she look 5 how can u be attracted to and/or joke about doin bad things with her. How is this funny.

Not even 5. Try 3 or 4 y’all. THIS IS A BABY. This is not funny in any way. This is pedophilia. This little girl probably can’t even spell her name and she is being exploited for twitter “jokes”. THIS IS FUCKING SICK. If you’re active on twitter, please report this shit if you see it. This is unacceptable. 

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“this leaves men confused and unable to pigeonhole you. What they are forced to do instead is… take you seriously.”

I will never not reblog

Forever reblogging

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